2017 found us performing our end of year concert, at Laycock Street Theatre.  It was a big change for us and showed how much our studio has grown.   All of our students performed brilliantly, with our Musical Theatre rendition of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.   See the highlights on our short video.

Our 2020 concert was held on the 29th November at Laycock Street Theatre. After a challenging year of Covid-19 and limited preparation time we were absolutely blown away by the level of professionalism shown by our students. The concert, aptly titled "Into The Unknown" included a high energy acro routine and The Wizard of Oz as our Opening Number. Every student from the tiniest babies to our senior students excelled and danced their hearts out.

Our 2019 concert again was held at Laycock Street Theatre on 24th November. Highlights of the show included our Circus acro routine, Baby dancers, Sleeping Beauty Ballet and of course our Musical Theatre Production "Peter Pan". 

Our Finale was a huge hit with our audience, where every student had their own special moment on stage. 

Our 2018 end of year concert, was held on 18th November at Laycock Street Theatre. This was our most successful concert to date and we saw so much improvement in our students. 

Our Musical Theatre students presented Aladdin with flair and pazzaz our acro students amazed our audience with flips and tricks in their Dr Suess routine.

Our 2017 end of year concert, was held on 3rd December at Laycock Street Theatre. This was hugely exciting to be able to hold our concert as such a wonderful venue and we were blown away with the end result. This year our Musical Theatre students presented Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to the delight of our audience and certainly left everyone wanting more. 

Our 2016 end of year concert, was held on Sunday 11th December to a sold out audience at Woy Woy Theatre.    The highlight of the show was the Musical Theatre production of  Alice in Wonderland.  An amazing performance was put on by all students.  Their hard work throughout the year, certainly showed.  A big thankyou to all our Teachers for their briliant leadership and choreography

Our 2015 end of year concert, was held on Sunday 6th December at Woy Woy Theatre.  An impressive event, and a first for our school.  Our students took this opportunity to show off their skills and wow their audience with the routines they had learnt and perfected over the past twelve months of 2015.  Our Musical Theatre group put on a production of The Wizard of Oz, and our teachers performed their own comedic routine.

As 2014 was our first year of classes.  We held a parents Open Day instead of a concert.  The day was fun filled and action packed, with the students recieving awards and gifts for their brilliant efforts throughout the year.  Thank you to all of our parents for having faith in us.