2021 Fees

Babies Combo Class (30 minutes)- $9

Twinkle Toes Classes (20 Minutes) - $6/Class

Junior/Intermediate/Senior Classes (30 Minutes)- $9/Class

Junior/Intermediate/Senior Classes (45 Minutes)- $11/Class

Private Tuition (20 Minutes) -$20/Class

Private Tuition (30 Minutes)- $30/Class




Twinkle Toes Combo (Ballet, Jazz & Tap) -$15/week 


Unlimited Class Pass - $30/Week 


Additional Costs


Registration Fee (once a year)

Individual $35

Family $45


Concert Costumes/per class

$75-$95 (prices may vary depending on supplier)


Rehearsal Day- $10


Concert Ticket - $30-$45

Students will also be required to purchase appropriate dance shoes, uniform and stockings.


Active and Creative Kids Vouchers 

We are proud to be registered to accept Active and Creative Kids Vouchers at Alive Dance Academy. Please see the below link to learn how you can receive your vouchers.

Once you have received your vouchers, please email these to us.