Uniform and Shoe Requirements

What To Wear

We sell all of our uniform items directly through our studio.

Students are encouraged to purchase our uniform, however it is not compulsory as long as they wear appropriate black dance/athletic attire. An example of this would be black shorts and black t-shirt.

Students MUST have their hair neat and off their face for all classes. 

Correct shoes MUST be purchased within a few weeks of commencing.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  

Uniform Requirements 2022

Ballet- Students enrolled in Junior or Intermediate/Senior Ballet must wear a leotard with an optional skirt/wrap to every class. 

All Other Classes- Any combination of Alive Uniform or plain Black active wear.

Uniform Prices

Baby Dress- $45

Crop Top-$25

Bike Shorts-$25-$30



Ballet Leotard/Skirt-$20

Shoe Requirements 2022

Bubbas- Pink Ballet Shoes

Twinkle Toes Ballet- Pink Ballet Shoes

Twinkle Toes Jazz- Tan Slip on Jazz Shoes

Twinkle Toes Tap- Tan Buckle Tap Shoes

Jazz- Tan Slip on Jazz Shoes

Lyrical- Tan Slip on Jazz Shoes (Intermediate/Senior No Shoes)

Tap- Tan Buckle Tap Shoes (Jnr) / Back Buckle Tap Shoes(Int/Snr)

Hip Hop- Sneakers (to be advised for concert)

Musical Theatre- Tan Slip on Jazz Shoes

Acro- No Shoes Required

Cheerleading- Sneakers (to be advised for concert)

Singing & Drama- No Shoes Required

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