Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch the classes?

You are most welcome to watch your child's first class to make sure they are

comfortable and help them settle in. 

After this we do ask that you wait outside during class so that your

child can become fully immersed in the class and form a relationship with their

teacher and peers.

We are very experienced and have found that this is the best way for children to

engage in their lessons and we have special tactics which we use to make them



Do you have a watching day?

Yes! During the last week of Term 1  we invite parents in to see their child's


Do you accept Active and Creative Kids Vouchers?

Yes we most certainly do! Please email them through to us so they can be


Does my child have to do the concert?

We encourage students to participate in the concert as it is such a rewarding experience for the students and parents to see all of their hard-work culminate in a professional concert.

It is however not compulsory and if this is not something you are interested in please let us know as soon as possible. 

Do I have to buy a uniform?

We encourage students to purchase a uniform as it creates a sense of community. If you do not chose to purchase one, please ensure your child is in appropriate athletic/dance attire (jean shorts, skirt, dresses not permitted). 

Do I have to buy dance shoes?

Yes, all students should be in correct footwear by Term 2. Acro is the only class that does not require shoes. 

Can I sign up at any time?

We will take enrolments up until mid Term 3 to ensure they're ready for the concert.

I'm not sure if my child will like dancing...

No problem. We offer a complimentary FREE TRIAL WEEK with no obligations. 

My child hasn't danced before...can they still join?

Yes! What we love about Alive is that we have a wide variety of abilities and experience in our classes and our teachers are highly experienced in catering classes to benefit every dancer in our classes.

Do we need to buy costumes?

Yes, each class requires a concert costume.